Video Tape to DVD Conversions

Extend the life of your old and rarely used VHS, Betamax, Video 8mm and other consumer video tape formats by having them professionally converted to DVD. When done properly, the picture quality on DVD will rival that of the original video tape. That's because DVD offers twice the resolution of these older tape formats so little to no quality is lost during the conversion... when done correctly, that is. The best part is, when you have a copy or duplicate DVD made you do not go down a generation so you do not lose any quality. Every DVD duplicate will be as good as the original master DVD. This is not how it was when making copies of video tapes.

DVD also offers immediate, random access capability to any part of the progrtam within a three minute interval using chapters. No more having to fast forward the tape to find the specific segment you care to watch!

TFG Transfer has been at the forefront in offering DVD transferring and conversion services for some fifteen years. Using the universally adopted DVD-R format, we are able to record up to two hours per disc on a standard DVD and up to four hours on a dual-layer DVD.

By employing a combination of: 1) Video signal time base correction 2) Digital picture noise reduction 3) Electronic image enhancement and 4) Audio equalization & noise reduction, we can produce a conversion on DVD that, in many cases, may actually appear superior in picture and sound quality to the original videocassette master.

We also fully author all our conversions. That is, once the raw video material has been captured to a digital file it is sent to one of our computer servers where the final video DVD master is created complete with chapters, titles and opening musical interlude. After the DVD quality is checked, a custom label is printed and the disc inserted into a premium jewel case.

Charges for converting videocassettes to DVD


Up to 2 hours: $34

Up to 4 hours: $54

I want to be able to edit my DVD's after I have my tapes conterted. How do I do that?

You have two choices for editing your DVD's. First, if you want to be able to play your DVD's as soon as we have them completed you can have us make them as regular video DVD's. This means they are instantly playable on any set-top DVD player or on any computer that has a DVD drive and suitable player software. However, in order for you to be able to edit a video DVD you will need to rip> the DVD to recover the original Mpeg2 video file. This means you will need some software to extract the Mpeg2 digital file from wihtin the DVD wrapper, so to speak. Once you have recovered that file you can go about the process of editing. This is a bit more involved, but it will work and you will still have the video DVD to play.

The second option is a bit simpler but you have to forgoe having us make the video DVD. Instead, we can provide you with the raw Mpeg2 video file on a DVD, for the same charge, that you can begin to work with immediately, with no file extraction necessary. However, you will not be able to play the DVD as you would normally. Only after you have made your own video DVD will that be possible.

Of course, there is a third option and that is to have us make you both a video DVD and one with the raw file. This is a bit more expensive, for sure. It all depends on how accomplished you or your family is with using computers. We will leave the choice up to you, but, we are happy to answer any questions you may have before we proceed with your order. Just contact us.

If our rates for this conversion service appear higher than what some other firms and chain stores are charging, we ask you to consider the fact that no other local firm can claim to possess either our technical expertise or our level of equipment sophistication in offering you this DVD conversion service. After all, you only want to do this once, correct?

Why not have it done by the one company that can do it best?

A word about the life expectancy of DVD's

The companies that manufacturer blank DVD media will all claim their particular brand will last you "hundreds of years". While this may, in fact, be true (see us in a couple of hundred years and we'll let you know) it is also true that you can damage a freshly made DVD simply by running your finger nails over it making it virtually unplayable. If you've ever rented a DVD and had it simply stop playing or begin repeating the same scene over and over you've experienced a DVD that has been nicked or scratched by a previous user. It's very common and it happens all the time. What this means for folks who are rushing out to get their old video tapes converted over to DVD is this. You must take reasonable care of your DVD's, perhaps even more care in a way, than you have done to your video tapes in past years. That is, if you expect to be able to play them in the future.


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